E-vangelize with curiosity using a simple e-tract

The history: Are tracts outdated?
Nobody knows when the first tract was created. A tract is a stand alone evangelistic tool. A believer reaches out to the non-believer giving them a simple easy to read tract that they read at their leisure. Most people know exactly what they are getting at the moment they get a tract. There is no element of surprise.

The audience: How does not have e-mail or internet today?
The body of Christ is changing, hymnals are out, and contemporary worship is in. In order to reach the new generations we have to align ourselves to their way of thinking without compromising our core beliefs. Kids today use e-mail, text messaging, blogs, to communicate. Let’s reach them where they are.

The problem: how to evangelize generation X?
I was asked by a Sunday school class how do I evangelize when I don’t know how. Then it came to me, curiosity is the key. If somebody gave you a box with e question mark, would you open it? Do you read every fortune cookie you get? Most people do.

The solution: www.themostimportantquestion.net
Build curiosity without getting a clue of your intentions with from the name. This website asks a simple question what is the most important thing to achieve in your life?
1. Gather Wealth
2. Seek Pleasure
3. Find Prestige
4. Be Good
5. Gather Knowledge
6. Prolong life
7. Happiness
8. Peace With the Devine
Then it dares you to answer just that question. All the questions give God’s perspective from the Bible to those particular choices. Their choices take them to different sections of the website geared towards answering possible objections based on their choices. All questions funnel down to a plan of salvation.

The new tool: Dynamic tract.
This is not just another web site; this is the first online tract. It adjusts to every individuals need and it’s easy to use. Start e-vangelizing today, three simple ways:

e-mail and link to the website – At the very end of the web site it provides a simple code that can be added to any e-mail or website that allows people to see an attractive logo click on it and get e-vangelized. The same code can be used to include the logo to websites, blogs, and personal community pages. What if you send an e-mail to all your friends’ titled “you must see this” Please visit www.themostimportantquestion.net “it’s really cool”? Who many of your friends would actually do it?

Promote the website – Placing a bumper sticker in your cars is a good start. Banners, street signs, and billboards anything that calls attention to the site will do. Bumper stickers and other marketing materials are available for sale at the site. No profit is taken from the sales, the purpose is to spread the gospel not make money in any profit from it.

Wear the website – Available on the site are also all kinds of shirts and products, customized with multiple attractive logos featuring the website and nothing else. People might stop you to ask you “what is that”. Take every question as an opportunity to evangelize. If you don’t feel ready just recommend them to visit the site and check it out for themselves.

Make your own – Why reinvent the wheel, create you own version. If you are able, take what you need from it, change what you feel makes sense to you and make your own version. Incorporate it into your church or ministry web site.

This website allows you to evangelize without saying a word.
You just have to do the following:

1.Pray for the person you are sending the e-mail to.

2. Send an e-mail titled

  • “You must get to the end of this”
  • “Answer this question”
  • “You must see this”

3. E-mail them the link


The website asks simple questions and gives Bible verses that motivate people to think. Many possible objections are handled leading to a simple plan of salvation and steps to follow after that.

It’s like handing somebody an evangelistic track but on-line.
Most people know what a track looks like, they won't suspect this.

Test it before you try it

Add this Banners to your website/e-mail

e-Vangelize everywhere you
go wearing this products.

The designer of the website
gets zero profits from the sale
of these products.

with curiosity
using e-tracts. (Click here)